Taskmaster Tiebreakers

300+ Taskmaster tasks in total. These are the best Taskmaster tiebreakers to do at home or in school. Perfect to promote problem-solving, critical thinking and teambuilding throughout the year or as fun additions to the party. The tasks are sorted alphabetically, and contains a description of the task, as well as the type and amount of preparation required.

How it works

The Taskmaster chooses a task that must be carried out in the best or most creative way, within the scope of the task. He/she also decides how many points are to be distributed, how long a task should last and when the scoreboard is revealed. If a task winner can’t be decided or if the top contestants have the same amount of points in the end, a tiebreaker task is chosen.

Ground rules

1. The Taskmaster is always right.
2. Be polite, clean up after yourself and take care of yourself and others.
3. It’s encouraged to be creative, but if you cheat, you get points deducted/disqualified.


100 seconds

  • The participants must stand up when 100 seconds have passed.
  • The participant who comes closest to the 100 seconds win.

Make sure the participants cannot see or hear a clock while the task is in progress.

Solo Stopwatch

Balloon goal 2

  • At the same time, throw a balloon towards the Taskmaster.
  • The winner is the one with the balloon closest to the Taskmaster, without touching him/her.

Solo Balloon

Bottle flips

  • In 1 minute, the participants have to see how many bottle flips they can do.
  • The bottles must contain a maximum of 1/4 water.
  • Most bottle flips in 1 minute wins.

Solo Bottles with water

Coin flip

  • The participants must choose heads or tails.
  • Whoever wins the coin flip, wins.

Solo Coin

Country city

  • The Taskmaster mentions a random country or city.
  • You have to guess how many lives in said country or city.

Solo Google

Cup flip

  • A cup is placed on the edge of a table with a little of the opening over the edge.
  • The participants must now try to flip the cup so it lands with the opening upwards.
  • The participant who can do it most times within 1 minute wins.

Solo Cups

Flip it

  • 20 flipable items with two unique sides are scattered around.
  • 10 of them with one side up, 10 with the other side up.
  • You are given a side by the Taskmaster.
  • Flip the sides, so as many as possible, show your side.
  • You have 1 minute from when the timer starts.

Suggestions for flipable items: beermats, mousepads, playing cards, tokens…

Solo 20 flipable items

Google name

  • Guess which of the participants has the most popular name, by searching for it on Google.
  • If you choose the same name, pick another.
  • Most popular name pick wins.

Alternative: Do it with most popular last name.

Solo Google search

Hide and seek

  • A person is asked to hide somewhere (not too far away).
  • The first of the participants to find said person, wins.

Solo A volunteer

High rollers

  • You have three attempts to roll the highest number with a die. The last roll counts.
  • You can choose to stop after 1-2 throws if you estimate that you won’t roll higher on your last throw.
  • If both have the same number, the process starts over until a winner is found.

Solo Dice


  • The Taskmaster thinks of a random participant.
  • The participants, on turn, has to guess who he/she thought about.



  • Pick the longest matchstick from the Taskmasters hand.
  • You have one try.

This can also be done with other things, as long as they have different lengths and can be held in a hand.

Solo Matchsticks

Music quiz

  • The Taskmaster plays a song.
  • The participants must now guess which year the song was released.
  • If everyone guess correctly, a new song is chosen. Otherwise the win goes to the participant who comes closest to the correct answer.

Solo Music

Odds and evens


One to ten

  • The Taskmaster thinks of a number from 1 to 10.
  • You get one guess. Whoever comes closest to the correct number wins.


Rock, paper, scissors

  • Do a best out of three, with rock, paper, scissors.
  • First to win 2 rounds, win.


Shooting range 2

  • The Taskmaster sets up a course with empty cans, cartons, plastic cups or like, for each participant.
  • The participants now have to shoot the things down with rubber bands from a certain distance.
  • Fastest to shoot his/her stuff down wins.

Solo Rubber bands and lightweight items


  • The participants must each write a speech, about why THEY should win.
  • Afterwards, they must read the speech aloud to the other participants.
  • The speech that the remaining participants and Taskmaster likes the most wins.

Solo Pen and paper

Talk backwards

  • The Taskmaster mentions a random word.
  • The fastest to say the word correctly backwards wins.

Alucard – Dracula
Desserts – Stressed
God – Dog
Spots – Stops
Drawer – Reward
Live – Evil
Mood – Doom
Gateman – Nametag
Bonk – Knob
Denim – Mined


Thumb war

  • Do a best out of three, thumb war.
  • First to win 2 rounds, win.



  • Play a round of Tic-Tac-Toe.
  • Whoever wins, win.

This can also be done as a running activity outside.

Solo Tic-Tac-Toe

Toilet paper pieces

  • Participants are given a roll of toilet paper and 30 seconds to examine it without unrolling it.
  • Afterwards, they must write down how many pieces the toilet paper consists of.
  • The participant who comes closest to the correct answer wins.

Solo Toilet paper roll, pen and paper


  • The Taskmaster mentions a word.
  • You have to figure out, as fast as possible, how many vowels the word consist of.

– Mississippi (4 vowels)
– Queueing (5 vowels)

– Taskmaster (3 vowels)
– Identification (7 vowels)
Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliafobi (fear of long words – 15 vowels)

Solo a, e, i, o, u, y

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