Long Taskmaster Tasks

300+ Taskmaster tasks in total. These are the best long (over 30 minutes) Taskmaster tasks to do at home or in school. Perfect to promote problem-solving, critical thinking and teambuilding throughout the year or as fun additions to the party. The tasks are sorted alphabetically, and contains a description of the task, as well as the type and amount of preparation required.

How it works

The Taskmaster chooses a task that must be carried out in the best or most creative way, within the scope of the task. He/she also decides how many points are to be distributed, how long a task should last and when the scoreboard is revealed. If a task winner can’t be decided or if the top contestants have the same amount of points in the end, a tiebreaker task is chosen.

Ground rules

1. The Taskmaster is always right.
2. Be polite, clean up after yourself and take care of yourself and others.
3. It’s encouraged to be creative, but if you cheat, you get points deducted/disqualified.


Appreciation 2

  • Until next time, do something for someone else they will appreciate.
  • Tell about your good deed next time.
  • Points are given based on how good the deeds were.


Best worst

  • Take the best picture of the worst view.
  • Take the worst picture of the best view.
  • The best and worst photos win.

Solo / duo Camera


  • Make the best brunch, and take a picture of it.
  • Best brunches win.

Solo / duo Food, camera


  • One of you must camouflage yourself on a picture/video.
  • You must be able to see the person camouflaged, but not at first glance.
  • Best camouflaged duos win.

Duo Camera

Cool balloon

  • Do something cool with a balloon.
  • You have until next time, to do something cool with a balloon, and document it.
  • Coolest balloons win.

Solo Balloon

Crack the code

  • Create your own code/cipher.
  • Most creative codes the Taskmaster can crack within a minute or two, wins.

Duo / group Pen and paper

Culture shock

  • Plan and record a video that contains the least amount of your culture.
  • Show it to everyone next time.
  • The video can be maximum 1 minute long.
  • Least cultural videos win.

Duo / group Camera

Culture shock 2

  • Take the least cultural picture.
  • Least cultural pictures win.

Solo / duo Camera

Definitely not a bed

  • When you get home, make your bed seem like something else, and take a picture of it.
  • Least beddy beds, win.

Solo Bed and camera

Dizzy shot

  • Put your finger on the ball, and run around it 10 times, as fast as you can.
  • Afterwards immediately shoot the ball towards the goal, with your non-dominant foot.
  • You get 1 point if you miss the ball. 2 points if you miss the goal. 3 points if you hit the post. 4 points if you score with a low ball. 5 points if you score a high ball.

Solo Ball and goal

Do it yourself

  • Make your own Taskmaster task.
  • Five best task ideas gets points.

Suggestion: use the best idea as the next Taskmaster task – and please feel free to share it as a comment below. Thank you!

Solo / duo / group


  • Until next time, find or make a gift to the Taskmaster.
  • Best gifts get points.
  • Bad gifts get minus points.

Solo / duo / group

GPS art

  • Make the best GPS art by walking, running or cycling.
  • Best GPS art wins.

Apps like MapMyRun or Runtastic can be used to map the route using GPS.

Solo / duo GPS map tracker

Impressive throw

  • Record the most impressive throw with something, into something.
  • As you throw, say “Kobe” as tribute to the deceased basketball player, Kobe Bryant.
  • Most impressive throws win.

Duo / group Throwable object, camera


  • Write and read/sing a lullaby for the Taskmaster that you have made yourself.
  • Most silly and/or childish lullabies wins.

Duo / group Pen and paper

Lunch box

  • Make the best lunch box for next time.
  • Most delicious lunch boxes win.

Solo Food

Music video

  • Make the best music video to the song the Taskmaster chose.
  • The most expressive music video wins.

Group Camera and music

No internet

  • You can’t use the internet.
  • The ones who haven’t used the internet for longest, until next time, wins.

This task is best over a weekend or holiday.


Pillow fort

  • When you’re home, build the coziest pillow fort, and take a picture of it.
  • Coziest pillow forts win.

Solo Pillows, camera

Played in reverse

  • Record something, that looks impressive played in reverse.
  • Show it to the Taskmaster.
  • Most impressive reversed videos win.

Duo / group Camera and editing software

Ringtone choreography

  • Choreograph a dance to a ringtone.
  • Show the choreography for the Taskmaster.
  • Best choreographies win.

Places to find ringtones:

Duo / group Ringtone

Shadow dance

  • Plan, perform and record your shadow(s) while dancing to a song.
  • Best shadow dances, wins.

Solo / duo / group Camera

Short story

  • Write the best story without using the letter e.
  • Present the story to the Taskmaster and the other participants.
  • Best stories win.

This can also be done with other vowels missing, instead of e.

Solo / duo / group Pen and paper

Snow- or sandman

  • Build a snow- or sandman that poses in the most unusual way.
  • The snowman or sandman who stands out the most gets points.

Bonus points for the biggest snow- or sandman.

Duo / group Snow or sand

Snow- or sand scene

  • Make the best beach scene in the snow.
  • Or the best snow scene on a beach.

Bonus points for making both scenes.

Duo / group Snow or sand


  • Make a sphere out of one or more things that are not already round.
  • Now make the object roll as far as possible.
  • You cannot use your hands or feet to make the object roll.
  • Longest rolls win.

Bonus points for roundest objects, made out of non-round things.

Solo / duo / group

Stop motion

  • Make the best stop motion video.
  • Best stop motion video wins.

Duo / group Camera, stop motion software

The Harlem Shake

  • Plan out a Harlem Shake, where one person in the group is dancing lightly to Baauer – Harlem Shake for 15 seconds until the beat drops, whereupon the rest joins in with their best moves for another 15 seconds, until the roar comes at 30 seconds.
  • Show it to the Taskmaster afterwards.
  • The best Harlem Shakes are awarded points.

Norwegian Army Harlem Shake
Riot Games Harlem Shake
Miami Heat Harlem Shake

Group Music

Toilet paper toss

  • Record an entertaining toilet paper toss video.
  • Most creative and entertaining toilet paper toss videos, win.

The Great Pandemic Toilet Paper Toss
Flint High Toilet Roll Challenge

Group Toilet roll and camera

Toy journey

  • Find a toy or draw a toy.
  • Take the toy/drawing out on an extraordinary adventure, while taking tourist-like pictures with it in various situations.
  • Best tourist-like photo serie with the toy wins.

Bonus points if the toy is a rubber duck.

Solo / duo Toy and camera

Trick shot

  • Make the most detailed/elaborate trick shot, while recording it.
  • Best trick shots win.

Duo / group Camera

Under the blanket

  • When you’re home, put something surprising under your blanket.
  • Record a video of you revealing what’s under the blanket.
  • Most surprising reveals win.

Solo Blanket

Unusual hat

  • Come to school with the most unusual hat
  • Most unusual hats win.

Bonus points if you wear the hat for an entire lesson.

Solo Hat

Weird animals

  • Until next time, take a picture of the weirdest animal.
  • Weirdest animal pictures win.

Solo Camera

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