School Escape Rooms

Embark on a school escape journey, with little to no preparation. The escape rooms can be played for free and blend puzzles and educational content to create thrilling learning experiences. They also foster critical thinking, collaboration, social cohesion, and problem-solving skills. With carefully curated clues, students actively engage while deepening their understanding of various subjects.

To support the learning experience and growth of this type of escape room, you can purchase cheat sheets and certificates for each escape room. With those, you can effectively guide and support stuck learners and ensure engagement that creates lasting memories.

Cipher Academy

The Cipher Academy is an interdisciplinary escape journey guidede by cyber detective Baltazar. He takes you through hacking and leetspeak challenges, literary phenomena, binary numbers, and cipher decryptions.

The escape room takes approximately 45 minutes, contains 10 challenges, plus a secret, and is mainly suited for high schoolers.’

While you can certainly dive into it without any extras like cheat sheets, discussion points, evaluation, or certificates, I highly recommend downloading these elements for a fully immersive experience.

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