About me

I’m Morten Thomsen, a general- and special ed teacher from Denmark. 

Prior to being a teacher, I had an educational background in marketing and entrepreneurship, but didn’t really see myself in that field of work long term. I’ve always enjoyed helping people, so teaching was more up my alley.
Aside from that I’ve often been playing around with graphical design in my free time, including illustrations, logos, websites and like for companies, schools, and game developers.
These competences combined makes MT91 an ideal outlet, where I can express myself creatively, in the name of teaching while benefiting and helping numerous people in addition to my occupation.

My main subjects are English, social studies and physical education, but I’ve had the joy of teaching pretty much all language and cultural subjects, as well as e-sport and digital art.
In my free time I have formerly done voluntary private tutoring and coaching an e-sports team.
I prefer teaching middle- and high schoolers, as I simply don’t have the pedagogical approach it requires to teach the youngest properly – I have a huge respect for those who can.

About MT91

The name MT91 is something as boring as my initials and the year I was born. It’s primarily a teaching-based hobby project I work on in my free time, on my own terms. The resources I make are generally ones I feel are missing or fun to make.

The project initially started at my first teaching job in 2018, when my colleagues saw some cards I made for a lesson. They loved the cards and said I had to share them with others, so I did. Unfortunately some of my older resources are not longer available.

In early 2021 my biggest project at the time, Among Us in real life, ended up on the front page of Norway’s biggest youth magazine, Aftenposten Junior. Ironically enough, I decided to take a break from making teaching resources that year, and only returned a year and a half later.
When I got back in 2023 I decided to redo the entire website and have since then been working on the project on and off.

Thanks to everyone who supported MT91 thus far, in particular those who helped me translate the products and activities into other languages, for children in other countries to enjoy.


Anna-Brita Slotte (Swedish)
Axel Szabo (Swedish)
Cecilia Karlsson (Swedish)
Christa Wolf (German)
Erna Jönsdöttir (Icelandic)
Hege M. Larssen (Norwegian)
Heléna Fransman (Swedish)
Helgu D. Sverrisdöttur (Icelandic)
Jana Sparchholz-Nelson (German)
Kea Krö (German)
Kicki Eriksson (Swedish)
Marthe Lernes (Norwegian)
May Kristin Aas (Norwegian)
May Lende (Norwegian)
Natthalie Jourdain (French)
Signhild Samuelsen (Norwegian)
Silje Walseth (Norwegian)
Siw Anita (Norwegian)