Normal Taskmaster Tasks

300+ Taskmaster tasks in total. These are the best normal (10-30 minutes) Taskmaster tasks to do at home or in school. Perfect to promote problem-solving, critical thinking and teambuilding throughout the year or as fun additions to the party. The tasks are sorted alphabetically, and contains a description of the task, as well as the type and amount of preparation required.

How it works

The Taskmaster chooses a task that must be carried out in the best or most creative way, within the scope of the task. He/she also decides how many points are to be distributed, how long a task should last and when the scoreboard is revealed. If a task winner can’t be decided or if the top contestants have the same amount of points in the end, a tiebreaker task is chosen.

Ground rules

1. The Taskmaster is always right.
2. Be polite, clean up after yourself and take care of yourself and others.
3. It’s encouraged to be creative, but if you cheat, you get points deducted/disqualified.



  • You are to pair up as a duo, take off your shoes and share the shoe with one another, so you each have your own and your duo partners shoe in your hand.
  • When it’s your turn, you are to sit in a chair each, with the back facing each other.
  • The Taskmaster will now read a question aloud (Download), which you must decide on immediately.
  • You do so by lifting a shoe in the air. Your own shoe, if you think the question fits you best, or your partners shoe, if you think the question fits them best.
  • If you both agree (puts up the same shoe) you each get 5 points.
  • If you don’t agree, cheat by looking back, answer too slowly or don’t want to take off your shoes, you get 0 points. You have one try!

Duo Download, two chairs and shoes Download


  • Find a song you would never use as an alarm in the morning.
  • Worst song choice for an alarm wins.

Solo / duo Music

Album cover

  • Make the best album cover.

Group Camera


  • Think of someone you appreciate.
  • Write them a message thanking them.
  • Most wholesome messages win.

Solo Message


  • Take a good look at your duo partner for 30 seconds, and stand back to back afterwards.
  • If you peek at your partner afterwards, you are disqualified.

Wait till everyone stands back to back, before you continue with the next part.

  • Now the Taskmaster will go around and ask each duo what the other person is wearing. It can be clothes or accessories.
  • 1 point is awarded for each correct item, while 1 point is subtracted for each wrong item. Max 5 points.


Back drawing

  • Get some strong paper or carton, as well as drawing utensils.
  • The front person will be standing with a paper by a table or wall.
  • The person behind the front person, will draw on the front persons back with their fingers.
  • Unless the Taskmaster gives you a motive to draw, you decide a motive for yourselves.
  • Best motives drawn by the front person, wins.

If there’s more than two people in the group, there can be more people to draw on the back of each other, before it reaches the front person. But only the furthest in the back, knows the motive.

Duo / group Paper, drawing utensils

Balloon goal

  • Score an amazing goal with a balloon.
  • The balloon must be passed to each team member at least once.
  • You have 20 minutes to come up with a plan and practice it, before it is shown to the Taskmaster.

Group Balloon

Before and after

  • Take a picture before.
  • And a picture after.
  • Biggest before and after changes win.

Solo / duo / group Camera

Best worst 2

  • Find the best and the worst photo on your phone. Screenshot both photos, so they’re only a slide away.
  • Largest gap between good and bad photo wins.

Solo Smartphone

Big steps

  • Take 50 steps from where you are now, and end up in the most remarkable place.
  • Most remarkable place after 50 steps, win.


Boys versus girls 2

  • You are divided into two groups, one with boys and one with girls.
  • Each group has to write down the top 5 things they genuinely like about the opposite sex.
  • If any of the answers are of sexual nature, the entire group lose 1 point each time.

Once they have written the answers, tell them about the next phase.

  • Now each group collectively have 5 guesses. If they manage to guess what the other group said about them, the entire group gets 1 point for each correct guess.

Group Pen and paper

Boys versus girls 3

  • You are divided into two groups, one with boys and one with girls.
  • One group gets an answer sheet with statements, in which they have to guess where the majority of the other group will stand when they hear the statement. If the group predicts an outcome, they earn 1 point.
  • The other groups task, is to decide on whether they agree or disagree with the statement given, by standing in the middle, and move to either strongly disagree, disagree, agree, or strongly agree, depending on their individual opinion – it’s important that this group is honest about their decision.
  • This is repeated five times. Afterwards the groups switch.

If the group on the floor is dishonest, points can be taken away.

Group Download, print, pen and paper Download

Bread face

  • Make the best bread face on yourself with a slice of bread.
  • When you’re ready, lay down and take a picture of it.
  • Most elaborate bread faces win.

Solo / duo Slice of bread, camera

Bread face 2

  • Eat the best picture out of a piece of bread.
  • Best bread pictures win.

Solo Slice of bread

Candle blow

  • Blow out a candle over the longest distance.
  • You have one try.
  • Five longest blows get points based on their distance.

Use masking tape to mark each contestants distance.

Solo Candle, lighter and masking tape

Camouflage 2

  • Hide an object in a picture, but the object still has to be visible.
  • Write what the object is.
  • The Taskmaster must be able to find it in less than 30 seconds. If it takes longer, you get 0 points.
  • Hidden objects found closest to 30 seconds, but not past, gets most points.

Solo / duo / group Camera


  • Build a sand- or snow castle.
  • Tallest castles win.

Bonus points for the prettiest castles.

Solo / duo / group Snow or sand


  • Make the best portrait of the Taskmaster out of cereal.
  • Best cereal portrait wins.

Solo / duo Cereal

Charades distance

  • Taskmaster gives each group a list of charades they are to mime from a distance, while the other half of the group have to guess what their group is miming.
  • If they get it right, the Taskmaster gives them a thumbs up, and they can move on to the next thing.
  • There’s five mimes to be done in total, in a timeframe decided by the Taskmaster.
  • Each group get 1 point for each correct guess.

Yelling is encouraged.

Group Download Download

Charades reversed

  • Reversed charades. One person has to guess what their group is miming.
  • The group will be miming 5 things, specified by the Taskmaster.
  • Each correct guess gives the group 1 point.

Group Download Download

Colorful milk

  • Change the color of a glass of milk.
  • Most eye catching new milk color wins.

Bonus points for creative solutions.

Solo / duo / group Glass of milk

Coolest thing 2

  • Let the most unlikely thing wear some of your clothes or accessories.
  • The most unlikely thing, wearing your clothes or accessories, wins.

Solo Clothes or accessories


  • Find 3 things that best describes the Taskmaster.
  • It can be anything from images and emojis to items and quotes.

Solo / duo / group


  • Do the most surprising thing with a handful of dirt.
  • Most surprising dirt initiatives win.

Solo / duo Dirt

Dizzy water

  • One person at a time, must move water from one bucket to another further away, by using a cup.
  • You do so by filling the cup with water and running around it 10 times, while your finger is in the cup.
  • Once that is done, you walk/run to the bucket further away, and fill it with the dizzy water in your cup.
  • Get back to your team and give them the empty cup, so the process can be repeated.
  • Fastest group to finish get 2 points. Group with the most water get 2 points. And the group with the most dizziness get 1 point.

Group Cups, buckets, water

Dot dot dot…

This task is a two part task, keep the 2nd part secret in the beginning.

  • Make 50 random dots on a piece of paper.
  • You have 1 minute to do it. You get minus points if you don’t do it within the time frame.

This is the second part of the task.

  • Now connect the 50 dots and create the best picture.
  • The best picture connected with all dots wins.

Solo Pen and paper

Dramatic entrance

  • Plan and make the most dramatic entrance, when you enter a door.
  • Most dramatic entrances win.

Solo / duo / group Door

Emoji story

  • The Taskmaster picks a genre.
  • You have to write a story within that genre, by only using emojis.
  • Best stories that can be understood, wins.

Genre examples:
Horror, comedy, romance, fantasy, crime, history, biography, adventure…

Solo Smartphone

Extreme reading

  • Read a part of a book, in the most extreme situation.
  • Most extreme readers, win.

Solo Book

Fact or fake

  • Find a fact online and something that is not true.
  • Present both to the Taskmaster.
  • If the Taskmaster can’t guess the fact, you get points.

Alternative: make a fact or fake quiz for the contestants.

Solo / duo / group Internet

Fake injury

  • Create a fake wound or injury.
  • Most convincing fake injuries win.

Solo / duo

Famous elbow knee

  • Draw a famous person on your knee or elbow.
  • Most admirable and easily recognizable portrait of a famous person wins.

Bonus points if the person is from your birth country.

Solo / duo Coloring utensils

Fashion statement

  • Put on as many pieces of clothing and accessories as possible.
  • The people with most pieces on win.

This can be done at home alone, or in school where the group helps one person.

Solo / group Clothing and accessories

Find inside

  • Find things that are:
    – soft
    – shiny
    – round
    – sticky
    – magnetic
  • It is not allowed to steal from others in the process.
  • When time is up or the first person found items that cover the criteria, everybody stops.
  • Each correct item gives 1 point.

Solo / duo

Find online

  • Find these things online and make a photo collage for the Taskmaster.
    – dumb tattoo
    – funny teacher meme
    – cute animal picture
    – and the perfect gift for the Taskmaster, if he/she was 5 years old.
  • Points are awarded based on Taskmasters own humor.

Solo / duo Device with internet and collage maker

Find outside

  • Find this outside:
    – a rock
    – two different leaves
    – something wooden
    – something alive
    – and a piece of trash
  • Things that are bigger than a hand, does not count. 
  • When time is up or the first person found items that cover the criteria, everybody stops.
  • Each correct item gives 1 point.

Solo / duo Outdoor clothing

Food disguise

  • Disguise a food item as another food item.
  • Best food disguises win.

Solo / duo Food

Food drawing

  • Take a food item and place it on a piece of paper.
  • Now integrate the food item in a drawing.
  • Best integrated food drawings win.

Solo / duo Food, pen and paper

Food person

  • Make something edible into a person.
  • Most person-like food, wins.

Solo / duo / group Food


  • Make the most confusing footprints in snow, sand or dirt.
  • Most confusing set of footprints win.

Bonus points if real animal tracks are included.

Solo / duo / group

Four-leaf clover

  • Find a four-leaf clover in nature.
  • The fastest to find four-leaf clovers get points.

Bonus points if the clover has more than four leaves.

Solo / duo

Free falling

  • Get an apple or egg as high as possible without breaking it.
  • Do not throw the apple or egg upwards, or use water to soften the fall.
  • Longest free falls win.

Solo / duo / group Apple or egg

Google celebrity

  • Write the name of a celebrity on Google, and find a funny detail/fact about that person.
  • Best celebrity facts the Taskmaster didn’t know about, win.

Solo / duo Google search

Google question

  • Write the beginning of a question on Google, and choose the funniest/weirdest automatic suggestion.
  • Funniest/weirdest suggestions win.

Who is… What will… Where can… How many times… How did… When do… Why should…
Is there… Would you… Can dogs…

Solo / duo Google search


  • Bring a plate outside and make the most realistic meal with nature items.
  • Most realistic nature meals win.

Solo / duo / group Plate


  • Prepare the coolest handshake, that lasts under 10 seconds.
  • When everyone is ready, show it to the Taskmaster.
  • Coolest handshakes win.



  • Draw an outline of your hand.

Read the following aloud when all the contestants have drawn the outline off their hand.

  • Turn the drawing of your hand into a picture of your face.
  • Best self-portraits wins.

Solo Pen and paper

Ice cream

  • Design the best new ice cream and give it a fabulous name.
  • Most fabulous ice cream wins.

Solo Pen and paper

Ice cube

  • Make an ice cube melt as quickly as possible.
  • It’s not allowed to use fire, hot water, radiators or destroy the ice cube.
  • Fastest five to melt their ice cube gets points according to how fast they melted it.

Bonus points for creative solutions.

Solo / duo / group Ice cubes


  • Make the best invention.
  • Show how it works.
  • Best invention wins.

Bonus points if they made a brainstorm.

Duo / group Pen and paper

Leafy 2

  • Find a large leaf in nature and a small non-nature item.
  • Biggest difference between nature and non-nature things, win.

Solo / duo / group

License plate Wordfeud

  • Take 3 photos of random license plates, as fast as possible.

This is the second part of the task.

  • Make the best word, using only the letters and numbers from your license plate pictures. Some of the numbers can be replaced as letters, for instance 1 being i or 3 being E.
  • Best words made out off license plates, win.

Duo / group Camera


  • One group at a time, identify the liquids.
  • You can’t touch it, knock it over or drink it.
  • You get 5 guesses and 1 point for each correctly identified liquid.

You can either have five separate liquids or five layered liquids in one.
Suggestions for separate liquids: milk, juice, dirty water, sparkling water, tea, sunflower oil, energy drink, soup, melted ice cream, coffee, soda, cocoa milk, beer, wine…
Suggestion for five liquids in one: alcohol, olive oil, water, liquid soap, honey

Group Liquids and cup(s)


  • Draw the logo the Taskmaster mentions, without looking it up.
  • This will be done five times.
  • You get 1 point for a close resemblance of each logo.

Logo inspiration: 
– Football: Real MadridJuventusWolvesBayern MunichPSG.
– Clothing: NikeLevi’sAdidasChanelFila.
– Cars: AudiTeslaVolkswagenJeepFerrari.
– Fast food: McDonaldsKFCBurger KingTaco BellDomino’s Pizza.
– Beverages: Coca ColaStarbucksPepsiRed BullFanta.
– Social media: FacebookSnapchatTikTokInstagramYouTube.
– Movies: BatmanStar WarsGhostbustersHarry PotterJurassic Park.
– Games: MinecraftXboxMonopolyEASteam.

Solo / duo Logo image, pen and paper


  • Find a few random items, and place them in front of you.

Wait till everyone have found their items.

  • One at a time, play the most recognizable melody, only with the use of your items.
  • Most recognizable melodies win.



  • One from each group can take a step onto the minefield.
  • When the Taskmaster gives a thumbs up, you’re safe. If the Taskmaster points at you and say “bang!”, you hit a mine and must go to the back of your group.
  • The goal is to get through the Minefield as fast as possible, by being lucky and remembering where the invisible mines are.
  • Note that you can only take one step at a time, at Taskmasters pace, and you’re not allowed to take steps diagonally.
  • Points are awarded for the first team to get through each minefield.

Depending on the time available, you can either play with one big minefield that gives 5 points for the winner, 3 for second place and so forth. Or several minefields that gives 1 point for the winning team.

You can either set up the minefields, so the contestants have to step onto something, such as cones, or into something, like a grid made out of tape.

Group Download, print and minefield Download

Mini Jeopardy

  • You’re split into 3 groups, standing behind a table each.
  • The Taskmaster tells you the category of the question to be asked. Each group must now decide who from the group should answer.
  • Once decided, the group member steps forward to their table. When all groups are ready, the Taskmaster makes a statement to be answered.
  • Each chosen group member now have to write down the answer, by writing “what is” followed by the answer.
  • If they forget to write “what is”, don’t get the answer right or get help from the group, their answer becomes invalid.
  • Everyone in the group, receives 1 point for each correct answer. With a maximum of 5 points.

Group Download, pen and paper Download


  • Create the most fabulous moustache for yourself and place it above the upper lip.
  • Best moustache wins.

Solo Paper, coloring utensils and scissors

Moustache 2

  • Put something on your face that looks like a moustache from a distance, but don’t look anything like a moustache up close.
  • The most original ‘staches at a distance win.



  • Write a monologue from the perspective of an inanimate object in the room.
  • Funniest or most trustworthy monologues win.

Solo / duo Pen and paper

Musical task chairs

  • Prepare for a game of musical chairs
  • Every time the music stops, the contestants have to do a task, before they can sit down.
  • The last 5 people get points in the order they get eliminated.

Solo Download, music and chairs Download

Name line

  • Make the longest line of things that start with the first letter of your name.
  • Longest lines win. 

As a twist, you can put everyone with the same first letter in the same group.

Solo / duo / group Selected area

Name things

  • Find things that start with the starting letter of your name.
  • Most things found that start with the same first letter wins.

Solo / duo

Nature face

  • Use the nature to find a face and take a picture of it.
  • Most realistic face in nature win.

Bonus points for faces created by nature, without the involvement of the participants.

Solo / duo / group Camera

Nature name

  • Write a name in nature, how you get points is a secret.

Give points based on size, creativity and if they write your name.

Duo / group

New flag

  • Design a new flag for your city or town using only your imagination.
  • Best new flag designs win.

Solo Pen and paper

New word

  • Invent a new word.
  • Describe what it means and use it in a sentence.
  • Best new words, not in a dictionary, wins.

Solo / duo Pen and paper

Nose job

  • When the Taskmaster leaves the room, you must draw your own nose and place it on a table other than your own.
  • After 5 minutes, the Taskmaster will come back and try to guess whose nose is who.
  • If the Taskmaster guess a nose correctly, the nose owner will get 5 points.

Solo Pen and paper

One line drawing

  • Draw what the Taskmaster asks for.
  • You cannot lift the thing you’re drawing with, once you start. If you do, you get disqualified.
  • Best and most recognizable drawing wins.

Ideas for one line drawings:
– Animal
– House
– Face
– Art
– Object

Solo Pen and paper

Opposite Taskmaster

  • Find or draw a picture of the Taskmaster, as the opposite sex.
  • Best opposite sex Taskmaster pictures/drawings win.

Solo / duo Internet or pen and paper


  • You’re divided into two to three groups.
  • Stand on a row on a bench, curb, long line on the ground or wherever the Taskmaster demands you to.
  • If you fall down from the thing you’re standing on, you must go back to your previous position in the row.
  • You are not allowed to use verbal communication to solve the task. If anyone from the group use verbal communication, the entire group gets eliminated from the round.
  • Your job as a group, is to solve the task given by the Taskmaster. First group to solve each task, earns a point.

Task ideas:
– Order your group by height.
– Order your group by gender.
– Order your group by name alphabetically
– Order your group by age (or birthdate).
– Order your group by eye color (or skin color).
Order your group by name length (or hair length).
– Order your group by hand size (or shoe size).

Group Something to stand on

Paper plane 2

  • Make a paper plane without using paper.
  • Most impressive non-paper paper planes, win.

Bonus points if it can glide in the air.

Solo / duo

Phone call

  • You have one chance to call someone, that is not a part of the game, and put both on mute.
  • If you inform them why you’re calling, you get disqualified.
  • Longest phone calls win.

Solo / duo Smartphone

Pro photographer

  • Take an extraordinary picture of the most ordinary thing.

Solo / duo Camera

Pro photographer 2

  • Take the best picture of something that starts with the letter the Taskmaster mentions.
  • Best or funniest pictures win.

Alternative: take the best picture of something that start with the same letter as the Taskmaster.

Solo / duo Camera

Quiz of luck

  • The Taskmaster picks contestants at random, and asks them a random question.
  • If the contestant answers correctly, he/she is awarded with 5 points.
  • If the contestant comes close, 3 points.
  • If the contestant is wrong but witty, 1 point.

Solo Download Download


  • Make a rainbow out of things.
  • You can’t use something that is already a rainbow or things you can paint with.
  • Best rainbow-thing wins.

Solo / duo / group

Rap your favorite subject

  • Make a short rap about your favorite school subject.
  • Best school subject raps win.

Solo Pen and paper

Recreate picture

  • The Taskmaster shows a picture he/she has taken.
  • Your job is to recreate the picture in any way you want.
  • Closest resemblance to the picture shown, gets points.

Solo / duo / group Picture

Reverse debate

  • Each group will be assigned a topic. Your job is to come up with five strong arguments, from the opposite side of what people normally agree with. So if your topic is climate change, you should argue why it is a good thing, rather than a bad thing.
  • Afterwards, your group has to present the five arguments for your topic.
  • You get 1 point for each convincing argument you make.

Ten ideas to debate:
– Climate change (why is it good?)
– Christmas (why is it bad?)
– School funding (why is it bad?)
– Nature (why is it bad?)
– War (why is it good?)
– Smoking (why is it good?)
– Pets (why are they bad?)

– Healthy food (why is it bad?)
– Gambling (why is it good?)
– Volunteering (why is it bad?)

Group Pen and paper

Running story

  • Write a short story between 50 and 100 words while jogging or running.
  • When you start picking up the pace, you cannot go back to walking speed or slower.
  • Once you stop running, you can’t add or change things in your story.
  • Best running stories win.

Prettiest or most readable writing while running gets bonus points.

Solo Pen and notebook

Say the word

  • Decide on a long word, write it down and hide it.
  • Each team will then ask the Taskmaster one question at a time, with a maximum of 3 questions in total.
  • The goal is to make the Taskmaster say your word. But you’re not allowed to say the word yourself or any part of the word.
  • If the Taskmaster say your word, you are awarded points. Points are given based on word length and amount of questions asked, less questions gives more points.

Duo / group Pen and paper

Scary object

  • Make a non-scary object, as scary as possible without ruining it.
  • Most scary objects win.

Bonus points if the object was cute, before it was made scary.

Solo / duo / group

Self-portrait upside down

  • Draw a self-portrait that is upside down.
  • Most creative solution and/or best-looking upside-down self-portrait gets points.

Solo Pen and paper

Shadow master

  • Take the best shadow image.
  • Best shadow image wins.

Alternatively, you can tell the contestants it has to be a certain theme, e.g: friendship or creatures.

Duo / group Camera


  • Score a goal from the longest distance. You may only shoot once.
  • Once you made your shot, you must celebrate, whether you score or not.
  • Goals from longest distances win.

Bonus points for best celebrations.

Solo Ball and goal

Shopping list

  • Your group has to write a ridiculous shopping list, with at least 10 items.
  • You have 10 minutes to make the shopping list.
  • Most ridiculous shopping list wins.

Group Pen and paper

Silly walking zone

  • The Taskmaster defines a silly walking zone.
  • One at a time, you walk normally in a straight line, but once you hit the silly walking zone, you have to walk as silly as possible. Once you get out of the zone, you continue walking normally with a straight face for a few seconds.
  • Silliest and most convincing walks win.

You can use cones, sticks, chalk or like to define an area.

Solo Something to define an area


  • Taskmaster chooses a place to slide.
  • Longest slide wins.

Solo can be a regular slip and slide outside. Group can be running and jumping onto a mattress in a gym hall.

Solo / group Slidable equipment

Slow motion

  • Record something edible in slow motion.
  • Most mouth-watering clips win.

Duo / group Camera with slow motion


  • Make the biggest splash in water.
  • That’s it!

Solo / duo / group Water

Spoon to spoon

  • Throw something from one spoon to another.
  • The item has to travel at least one meter to count. You can practice until it’s your turn, but once it’s your turn, you only have one try, to show the Taskmaster your throw.
  • Largest objects caught with a spoon wins.

Duo Spoons and objects


  • Firstly, guess the amount of squats the contestants will do in average.
  • Now everyone does the number of squats they want in a set, and write it down afterwards.
  • The number of squats is then given to the Taskmaster, who adds them together and divides it by the number of contestants to find the average.
  • Those who gets closest to the average number of squats win.

Solo Pen and paper

Strike a pose

  • Write down a cool hobby, fun animal and famous person, and put it in your pocket.

Once everyone have completed the first part, continue telling them about part two.

  • Strike a pose to represent first, your cool hobby, then your fun animal, then your famous person.
  • You must hold your pose until the end of the round.
  • The Taskmaster will attempt to guess what each pose represents.
  • You may not make a noise or movement when posed, if you do, you lose 1 point.
  • You get 2 points for each correctly guessed pose.

Solo Pen and paper

Taskmaster portrait

  • Make the most beautiful portrait of your Taskmaster.
  • Most beautiful portraits of the Taskmaster win.

Solo Pen and paper


  • Draw a tattoo on yourself or your partner.
  • Most artistic tattoo wins.

Solo / duo Drawing utensils

Tattoo 2

  • Find and draw a quote the Taskmaster is least likely to get tattooed on his/her body.
  • Worst tattoo quotes win.

Solo / duo Internet

Tea bag

  • Throw a tea bag in a cup from the longest distance.
  • Longest tea bag cup throw within the time/tries given, wins.

You can also wet the tea bags to throw them longer… Probably a good idea to do that outside though.

Solo Tea bag and cup

The box

  • Taskmaster brought a box with him/her, which contains something specific.
  • When it’s your turn, you’re allowed to come up and shake the box, without opening it or saying what you think it is.
  • Afterwards you go back and write down what you think is in the box.
  • There’s 1 point for wrong guesses made out of the same material. 3 points for close guesses, and 5 points for correct guesses.

Solo Box and random item

Toilet paper cuteness

  • Make the cutest thing out of toilet paper.
  • Cutest things win.

Solo Toilet paper


  • Make the best mini-sculpture out of toothpaste.
  • You are only allowed to use tooth toothpicks to shape it.
  • Best mini-toothpaste-sculptures, win.

Solo / duo Toothpaste and toothpicks


  • Show us the best way to transport yourself.
  • It can’t be running or walking.
  • Best ways to transport yourself win.

Solo / duo / group

Trick photo

  • Take a trick photo, where one or more of you look a lot bigger or smaller than you are.
  • Best trick photo wins.

Duo / group Camera

Under the cup

  • Put something surprising under a cup.
  • When it’s your turn, reveal to the Taskmaster what’s under your cup.
  • Most surprising reveals win.

Solo Cup

Unique items

  • Take pictures of three unique things.
  • The things on the picture has to be bigger than your head, but smaller than a car.
  • You start with 5 points, but if someone else has taken a picture of the same thing or it does not apply with the rules, you lose two points, for every picture that is not unique. If none of your pictures are unique, you get 0 points, instead of -1.

Solo / duo Camera

Unusual tin foil hat

  • Make the most unusual hat out of tin foil.
  • Most unusual tin foil hats win.

Bonus points if they look like a teletubby.

Duo / group Tin foil

Upside down

  • Take a picture that looks as normal as possible upside down.
  • Most normal upside down pictures win.

Solo / duo / group Camera

Wet plate

  • Take the most aesthetically pleasing picture of a wet plate.
  • The prettiest wet plates win.

Bonus points if the plate is wet from rain.

Duo / group Plate and camera

William Shakespeare

  • Write the best poem about the Taskmaster.
  • The poem must be at least four lines long.

Bonus points if it rhymes.

Solo / duo / group Pen and paper


  • Take the most impressive picture behind a window.
  • Most impressive window pictures win.

Solo / duo Window and camera


  • Find and wrap the hardest thing to wrap.
  • The hardest things to wrap, wrapped in, wins.

Bonus points for nicest wraps.

Group Wrap

Zoom zoom

  • Take a picture close to an item, where you can see at least two colors or nuances.
  • Take another picture of the entire item afterwards.
  • Hardest to guess items get points.

Solo / duo / group Camera

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