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Comments from other teachers

I used this activity in 6th grade today. 🙏🏼❤️
Comment from a student when we were about to start: “I’m looking forward to it so much I’m shaking!” 🤩 Again: thank you so much!

— Jorunn Å. Solsvik

Thank you very much, especially for the German version. 👏 It’s a really nice and inviting layout, which will surely make it more attractive to the young people I want to try it on.

— Mette K. Nielsen

Can I subscribe to you, or otherwise support the work being done? Your work is amazing!

— Morten Vejlgaard

My 8th grade class loved this! They were engaged with it on Friday afternoon, and not a single person closed their computer until the bell rang. That has never happened before! 🙂 Great job!

— Maria I. Skovgaard

A huge thanks for the material. It’s of unusually high quality for a free product. I tested the game yesterday in 8th grade with great success. I’ll definitely add this to my arsenal.

— Jacob T. Christensen

THANK YOU – it’s really a great job! My middle school and high school students loved the PE lessons today. It takes a little while to put up, but it’s well worth it. 🙂

— Pia K. Ravn

Thank you! This is so good and different. There’s so much Kahoot and other stuff – but a board game like this is fun and community-building.

— Anna Söderberg

We played through it today with 3-5th grade in the afternoon, it went great and we will definitely have it as a weekly activity. Thank you for the material and great work!

— Anders Westh

Woaaaaw… Does this actually exist? 🤩 Before Christmas I tried making something myself, but I will definitely use this one.

— Risten G. Siri

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