1. Verdenskrig & 2. Verdenskrig Kort

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Danish version of 100 quality cards with prominent/interesting people from the First and Second World War. The cards can be used for various activities (see text below).

For long-term usage I recommended laminating the cards.

Pages: 21
Level: Middle to High School

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Movement Activity

  • Place the cards around the school or in the classroom. I recommend the walls.
  • Give each student/group a worksheet.
  • Let the students roam, and find the right cards to complete the worksheet. Fast students can continue with the bonus task, at the bottom of the worksheet.
  • Afterwards in class, the answers can be checked, and the fast students can present their bonus task.


Class Quiz


Card Analysis

  • The students can individually, in groups or for the class, analyze and place the cards in a coordinate system, and afterwards tell in groups or in front of the class, why they put them where they did.

Pick And Present

  • The students pick a card (can be blind pick, own choice or like)
  • Until next time, they have to prepare a presentation for the class, about the person on the card they got.

Classic Game

  • Start by removing two cards from the game, and distribute the rest of cards amongst 2-4 players.
  • Each player picks a card from their pile.
  • The oldest player starts by mentioning a category, e.g. children. Thereafter the tour goes clockwise.
  • Each player now mention the value of the category – the highest value wins.
  • The winner gets the cards, and the next person mention a new category.
  • If several players have the same value, there is war. Players with the same value now blind-pick two cards, and on three they choose one of them and flip it. The player with the highest value wins all the cards.
  • The player with all or most of the cards after a specific amount of time, wins the game.

Trivia Game

  • Works like the “classic game”, but instead of a category, you mention the persons name, and then the others have to guess the country, occupation, central- or ententepower.
  • It can also be played with the entire class, where the teacher or a student reads the bottom text on a card. Then the other students/groups have to raise their hand, if they know the answer. If they guess correct, they get a point, if they don’t, a point is taken away (unless they have zero).

Memory Game

  • Print and laminate the cards twice, and play memory game with 2-4 players.


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