World War 1 Cards


English version of 50 quality cards with prominent/interesting people from the First World War. The cards can be used for various activities (see text below), and contains 25 people from the Central Powers as well as 25 from the Entente Powers.

For long-term usage I recommended laminating the cards.

Pages: 11
Level: Middle to High School

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WW1 Movement Activity

  • Place the cards around the school or in the classroom. I recommend the walls.
    • world war 1 cards.pdf
  • Give each student/group a WW1 worksheet.
    • world war 1 tasks.pdf
  • Let the students roam, and find the right cards to complete the worksheet. Fast students can continue with the bonus task, at the bottom of the worksheet.
  • Afterwards in class, the answers can be checked, and the fast students can present their bonus task.


WW1 Class Quiz


WW1 Card Analysis

  • The students can individually, in groups or for the class, analyze and place the cards in a coordinate system, and afterwards tell in groups or in front of the class, why they put them where they did.
    • world war card analysis.pdf

WW1 Pick And Present

  • The students pick a WW1 card (can be blind pick, own choice or like)
  • Until next time, they have to prepare a presentation for the class, about the person on the card they got.

WW1 Classic Game

  • Start by removing two cards from the game, and distribute the rest of cards amongst 2-4 players.
  • Each player picks a card from their pile.
  • The oldest player starts by mentioning a category, e.g. children. Thereafter the tour goes clockwise.
  • Each player now mention the value of the category – the highest value wins.
  • The winner gets the cards, and the next person mention a new category.
  • If several players have the same value, there is war. Players with the same value now blind-pick two cards, and on three they choose one of them and flip it. The player with the highest value wins all the cards.
  • The player with all or most of the cards after a specific amount of time, wins the game.

WW1 Trivia Game

  • Works like the “classic game”, but instead of a category, you mention the persons name, and then the others have to guess the country, occupation, central- or ententepower.
  • It can also be played with the entire class, where the teacher or a student reads the bottom text on a card. Then the other students/groups have to raise their hand, if they know the answer. If they guess correct, they get a point, if they don’t, a point is taken away (unless they have zero).

WW1 Memory Game

  • Print and laminate the cards twice, and play memory game with 2-4 players.


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