Sex Ed Brädspel

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Full Swedish version of the Sex Ed Board Game with a great variety of sex ed related tiles, which promotes sex educational discussions. It also contains descriptions of the sexualities and gender identities, so they can see exactly what their game piece mean.

It requires minimum preparation, all you need is a printer, scissors and dice. The rest is explained and included in the board game.

Pages: 2
Grades: 7-9

1 review for Sex Ed Brädspel

  1. Nimai

    The full swedish one for grades 7-9 are in norwegian, not swedish, if you look at the pictures. The free one is in swedish but i wanted the full version. And i don’t want to put out money if its in norwegian.
    Is the product pictures wrong? Or is the hole product in a mixup? Can you fix?
    Otherwise awesome!

    • Morten

      The file is correct, but I did get the thumbnails mixed up, thank you for spotting it, it has now been corrected.

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