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Ice Breakers Prep Time Level
Line Game
Use a long straight line on the floor or create one with colored tape.

Arrange the students into two rows, one on each side of the line, standing 1 meter from it, facing the opposite row.

Tell them they have to step towards the line, if the statement being read applies to them. If it doesn't or they don't want to answer, they simply stand in place. It's also important to note, that this is a non-verbal exercise, no talking or laughing, just movement.

After standing there for a brief moment, go back and wait for the next statement.

- What is something you noticed when playing this game?
- Why do you think we did this activity?
Download 10 min Middle to high school
Circle Game
Have the students stand in a big circle, with a meter between them.

Tell them to go to the center of the circle, and make a united high-five with the others in there, if the statement being read applies to them.

Afterwards you go back to your position in the circle, and wait for the next statement.
Download 5 min All grades
Action Names
Stand in a large circle.

In turn, enter the center of the circle and call out your name, whilst performing a unique action. Directly thereafter, everyone else goes towards the middle while copying the action-and-name combination as accurately as possible. Once that is done, the next person is up.

The teacher always starts and then the turn goes clockwise.

As an example the name-and-action combination could be a spaghetti-armed gesture in a funny tone or a goal celebration in a high-pitched tone.

It's also recommended to repeat the exercise twice as the first round usually is a little hesitant. Insist that the second round is twice as fast and energized to remove the last inhibitions.
No prep 5-10 min Middle to high school
My Favorite
Pass around My Favorite sheets. Ask the students to write their name and fill out the sheet with their favorite things.
Collect the papers.
One sheet at a time, read the answers, but have the class guess who wrote the response.
Download 20 min Elementary to middle school