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Congratulations! You escaped the haunted mansion. Amazing effort ghost busters! Great teamwork and clever thinking got you out of there. Now celebrate with a round of high-fives in the group.

While you wait for the time to run out. Here are some things to do:

Write how much time you had left when you escaped:

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Talk about the experience:
• What was your favorite task? Why?
• Which room did you have most trouble with?
• How was your teamwork? Did someone take a leader role?
• What skills are important in an escape room like this?
• What would be a cool theme for an escape room?

Read these ghost quotes and talk about the meaning. Which one do you like best?

“During the day, I don’t believe in ghosts.
At night, I’m a little more open-minded.”
— Unknown

“I like to say I believe in ghosts, so I don’t get haunted by one.”
— Ella Henderson

“Monsters are real, ghosts are real too.
They live inside us and sometimes they win!”
— Stephen King

“I don’t get mad; I disappear.”
— Casper the Friendly Ghost

“Ghosts don’t scare me.
Flesh and blood people do.”

— Ellen Hopkins

Solve one last ghost puzzle:
Mention the five things the poltergeist have stolen.

Additional ideas for ghost activities:
• Draw your own ghost
• Write a ghost story or poem
• Make your own ghost escape room task