Emoji Showdown ❌

Halloween Showdown

Round 1



Halloween Showdown consist of the 300 most popular emojis throughout the years. Their values are based on internet popularity, not text messages, keep that in mind when choosing a side. If you choose the wrong side and get the poop emoji, you lose.

How to play

Instant Elimination: Everyone stand up and pick a side, with the emoji you think is most popular. If you get a poop emoji, you're out! If you choose the winning emoji, you move on to the next round. This continues until everyone is out, the time runs out, or only one person or group remains.

King of the Hill: A set of rows is determined, e.g: 3 rows. Whenever you choose the wrong emoji, you move down a row. Once you move out of the last row, you're eliminated. The winners are the ones who stand in the highest row when the time is up.


If you play with a timer, keep the time hidden from the contestants to avoid cheating.
If grouped with others, everyone in the group has to pick the same answer.